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Student Health Plan

Students enrolled in full-time programs are automatically covered in the Student Health Plan administered by your Student Administrative Council (SAC). The fee is paid once per academic year and is included in your tuition fees.

Prior to the applicable deadline date, students have the option to:

  • Opt-Out of their health plan coverage online, upon providing proof of alternate coverage. The mandatory Accidental Death & Dismemberment component ($5.00) is non-refundable. Opt out cheques will not be issued if  there is an outstanding balance on your Fleming College Account in excess of $100.00
  • Opt-In family members (spouse and/or dependents) for an additional fee.
  • Choose an alternative from the default “Standard Plan”. All three Flex Plans are equal in value but offer varying combinations of coverage.

All options above must be completed online and prior to the applicable deadline date. Students will be notified by email when Opt-out cheques are available for retrieval from the SAC office (approx. six weeks following the deadline date).

Deadline Dates

Sept 22, 2017
– opens online August 1, 2017 – Health Plan premium paid in Fall Term enrollment

January 26, 2018
– opens online January 1, 2018 – Health Plan premium paid in Winter Term enrollment

May 25, 2018
– opens online May 1, 2018 – Health Plan premium paid in Spring Term-enrollment

Further assistance is available at:

We greatly encourage students to set up an online account at This will enable them to easily obtain pre-populated forms, follow the progress of their claims, view claim history and submit claims electronically to be paid by direct deposit.

To fill a prescription drug or dental claim, the following information is required:

  • Group ID – 515647
  • Provider – ClaimSecure
  • Certificate Number – ten digits in length
    • #00 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ F (insert 7 digit student #) or
    • #0_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ F (insert 8 digit student #)

All coverage expires August 31, 2017 and receipts must be submitted and received prior to
November 30, 2017. For full coverage details please visit

Privacy Statement

Fleming S.A.C. has a commitment to our members and partners to protect any personal information we hold.
For this reasons, we can only communicate the with the student named on the policy and we will require a valid Fleming College student number and may ask some questions to verify the identity of the policy holder.