Meet Liv!


Name: Liv Anderson

Program: Practical Nursing (Second Year)

How are you involved in the community? 

I have previously volunteered with Street Team, and worked as a Director for SAC. I am also the Student Representative for the second year Practical Nursing students. I also have volunteered my time to speak with current GHS students about they program and moving on to Fleming’s nursing program and what that’s like. All of these roles have given me the opportunity to build relationships with students and staff at the college, and allow me to voice student concerns on their behalf.

What are your future goals? 

In the future I’d like to move on to complete my BScN and become a registered nurse, then specialize in something like OR nursing, wound care, trauma etc. I really enjoy the traditionally gross and gory parts of nursing. I also love to travel so I hope to do a lot more of that.

If you were given a giraffe and you couldn’t give it away or sell it, what would you do with it?  

I would build the coolest enclosure for it! Lots of tall trees, a pond, stuff to play with etc. Maybe find a way to get another one so it can have a friend? Although it’s not my first choice for a pet, a giraffe would be pretty cool to have.