Clubs and Groups

There might be a club or group just right for you

Athletics Clubs-&-Groups

Clubs and Groups

Fleming has many different types of clubs and groups on campus. There might be one just right for you.

Fleming students can get involved with over 15 different clubs and organizations on campus, including social and academic interest groups, community service organizations and athletic pursuits. For more information on starting a club or group click here to download the Fleming S.A.C. Club Information Package.

Learning objectives for Student Clubs:

  • Students demonstrate a commitment to a cause or organization and are able to work collaboratively towards a common purpose
  • Strengthens interpersonal and communication skills
  • Promotes effective teamwork
  • Contributes to achievement of group goals or shared vision
  • Employs conflict resolution strategies
  • Exhibits ability to visualize group purpose and desired outcomes
  • Seeks the involvement of others
  • Treats others with respect
  • Students will demonstrate how to achieve balance between education, work and leisure