Clubs and Groups

There might be a club or group just right for you

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Clubs and Groups

Fleming has many different types of clubs and groups on campus. There might be one just right for you.

Fleming students can get involved with over 15 different clubs and organizations on campus, including social and academic interest groups, community service organizations and athletic pursuits. For more information on starting a club or group click here to download the Fleming S.A.C. Club Information Package.

Learning objectives for Student Clubs:

  • Students demonstrate a commitment to a cause or organization and are able to work collaboratively towards a common purpose
  • Strengthens interpersonal and communication skills
  • Promotes effective teamwork
  • Contributes to achievement of group goals or shared vision
  • Employs conflict resolution strategies
  • Exhibits ability to visualize group purpose and desired outcomes
  • Seeks the involvement of others
  • Treats others with respect
  • Students will demonstrate how to achieve balance between education, work and leisure


Cultural Heritage Student Club

The Cultural Heritage Student Club aims to promote the career development of Fleming College students interested in museums and cultural heritage sites.

President: Carl Magarro

Fleming Ski and Snowboard Club

The Ski and Snowboard club is a gathering of people around the school who would want to meet new people while enjoying the sports they love.  We plan on going out to Brimacombe ski hill a couple times this year.

President: Liam McGoldrick

Fencing Club

Our aim is to develop and promote the sport fencing. Contact president for more details.

President: Chase Kilbourne

Pride Alliance

Pride Alliance is a student run group here on campus. It provides a positive space where LGBTQ+ students and allies can meet and discuss current issues, organize events and advocate for change on campus and within the Fleming community. We are currently meeting once a month and have an informal follow up meeting as well. Both meetings happen in the SAC office (bedside Tim Hortons). If you identify as Straight, Queer, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited, Questioning, Curious, Ally, or with any other orientation, word or phrase, this is the group for you! Everyone is welcome! We are planning to organize a fun night at the Fleming pub, networking with local organizations, information rallies on campus, concerts, board game nights, and more. If you have any questions, concerns or would like more info please find us on Facebook:  Fleming College Pride Alliance or Twitter: @flemingGSA or email the Pride Alliance student president

President: Sally Goodwin

Video Game Association

We are the VGA club. We are planning to play all forms of competitive games from League of Legends to Smash Bros. If you like to participate please email the president.

President: Alex Struwing

Fleming College Table Tops Games Club

The Tabletop Games Club at Fleming College brings together people from different programs to hang out and play games with each other. As the club expands, the opportunity for different games presents itself. The club allows for members of different social groups and different backgrounds to come together in order to share games that build teamwork and test your imagination. The club is happy to take on new members of any skill level in games that range from Magic: The Gathering to Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Playing Games.

President: Jason Barnes

International Student Club

President: Manveer Sond

Knights Climbing Club

President: Gavin Elliot

Strengthening Indigenous Allies

President: Letticia Amoyotte

Fleming College Catholics

Fleming College Catholics is a welcoming group in which you get to meet young Catholics from the school. We have monthly masses and we also host many different fun events such as Theology on Tap where you have a fun filled night with free appetizers, a nice cold beer while listening to a guest speaker talk about a faith related topic. The group is a new addition to Fleming College this year and we are always happy to welcome new members.

President: Joseph Ward

Music Club

President: Brandon Primeau

First Aid Support Team (F.A.S.T.)

President: Stephanie Snider