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Fleming S.A.C. is the official voice of the student body

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Who We Are

The Student Administrative Council Inc. (SAC) is a non-profit corporation that serves the social and political needs of the student body. The payment of your student fee entitles you to a share in the corporation and allows you to elect or run for the Board of Directors. This fee is used throughout the year for various activities. SAC is the official voice of the student body. Board members serve on various college committees and have input into policy decisions of the College. Through our publications and bulletin boards, SAC keeps the students informed about student, campus and college developments.

Fleming Campus

On the lighter side, SAC sponsors many social events throughout the school year. These include orientations events, various Pub Nights and trips. These events are very popular and help the students to unwind from the stress of studies. As a member of the student body, the board always welcomes your suggestions and comments. We invite you to take time to come and see us, or drop us an e-mail at info@flemingsac.ca.

Where Your Student Activity Fee Goes:

  • A variety of Monthly Events
  • Alcohol Awareness program
  • Student Bursaries
    • Athletic
    • Leadership
    • Environmental
    • SAC President’s Bursary
  • Summer and Fall Orientation Events!
  • Steele Centre Operations
  • Operation of the SAC Board
  • Orientation Events – each semester for new students
  • Representation to College Administration
  • Representation at Provincial and National Conferences – OCCPSA
  • SAC Awards Dinner
  • SAC Boardroom – available for student group meetings
  • Providing affordable Events and Opportunities available to all students
  • Student Club Funding
  • Student Food Bank – food drives and donations
  • Student Government Elections – annually
  • Student Handbook – student agenda planner
  • Street Team Program – Student Engagement Bursaries
  • Office Salaries and Supplies

Accessibility At SAC

The Sir Sandford Fleming Student Administrative Council through our vision of instilling an inclusive community by empowering students to succeed through advocacy and support, is committed to providing inclusive, accessible, and welcoming environments for all students, employees and visitors. We are dedicated to the precepts of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). We aim to establish dignity, integration, independence, and equality in all aspects of our operations to ensure everyone is given an equal opportunity to participate.

The SAC is devoted to constantly identify, remove, and prevent barriers to participation. Through various initiatives, policies, and services, we are committed instilling an inclusive community by promoting accessible practices, as well as, ensuring that everyone has equal access to services and facilities. Building an inclusive environment takes a shared responsibility of all stakeholders on campus and Fleming SAC is committed to success by ensuring the needs of our membership are satisfied.

Should you require accommodation for any SAC initiative
or if you wish to provide feedback,

Please contact: info@flemingsac.ca

Or Call 705-749-5547

For more information please refer to the following:

Accessibility at Fleming College:  https://flemingcollege.ca/about-fleming/accessibility

This information is available in a different format upon request.